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International Dance Day - DUST (premiere)

International Dance Day - DUST (premiere)

A thought-provoking contemporary dance solo which incorporates live sound, new media, and striking designs to investigate themes of volatility, change, decay, and the unbound. Inspired by the poetry of Anne Carson, Dust uses movement, text and powerful visual effects to reveal the gradual undoing of the performance space, and of the performer herself.

Created by dance artists Francesca Frewer and Erika Mitsuhashi, and performed by Frewer, the work is a collaboration with Adam Asnan (sound), Nellie Gossen (textiles), and Daniel O'Shea (new media).

Post show artist talkback April 28.

Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St
Free Admission
Reserve your spot now: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/dust-francesca-frewer-erika-mitsuhashi-tickets-59729980981

Mardon + Mitsuhashi's TOUR at OFFTA 2019

Presented at this year’s OFFTA in a double bill program with Montreal’s Dayna McLeod’s work Intimate Kareoke.


In this work, performers act as tour guides, leading an audience through the space and making short stops on the way to share their “instantaneous expertise” on the history of objects, their surroundings as well as their own bodies and personal histories. TOUR brings attention to the discomfort that comes along with witnessing facts and reality treated with irreverence. How do the institutions we inhabit every day impose their realities and histories upon us? How might we gesture towards other ways of inhabiting them?

Performers: Roberto Soria & Devon Snell


May 25 8:30 pm

May 26 3 pm